Welcome dear readers to the Milestone 3 Medium post.

In our journey within the Personal Health Train (TNO), we are constantly making progress. This medium post of milestone 3 is another example of our efforts to push SKALY’s Freighter into the standardized platform of medical and health organizations

This resulted into some unexpected surprises for Freighter/IOTA and the community. But first let begin with the updates for milestone 3.

In milestone 3 we finished the complete user experience where everyone can try the SKALY app and our demo dashboard. With this update we now have the full architecture open sourced…

In our first milestone medium post we gave you a minimal inside look what the project is all about. Today, before you read about milestone 2 we let you all know about the project and why Freighter is so an important piece of the puzzle.

The project which SKALY is an part of has been organized by TNO and Health Holland(LSH). The Dutch Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector is one of nine “top sectors” in the Netherlands. …

Hi everyone and welcome to the first milestone Medium post for the EDF supported project by the SKALY team members Peter Willemsen and Dennis Schouten.

In this post, we will elaborate on the birth of Freighter and how it became the project it is today.

We started developing SKALY with a clear vision in our mind, creating global awareness on a healthy lifestyle. As believers in a decentralized world where everyone owns their data, we took a decentralized approach to transfer data from a device to a dashboard.

As time passed by, more and more needs began to arise regarding…


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