SKALY/TNO Milestone 3

Welcome dear readers to the Milestone 3 Medium post.

In our journey within the Personal Health Train (TNO), we are constantly making progress. This medium post of milestone 3 is another example of our efforts to push SKALY’s Freighter into the standardized platform of medical and health organizations

This resulted into some unexpected surprises for Freighter/IOTA and the community. But first let begin with the updates for milestone 3.

In milestone 3 we finished the complete user experience where everyone can try the SKALY app and our demo dashboard. With this update we now have the full architecture open sourced and everyone is able to play, experiment or even build upon the tools we have provided in the last 9 months of our journey.

Go to the Skaly Demo Dashboard and start using the SKALY app! Also you can watch our video how Peter explains all our updates in an easy way.

Magical introduction to Freighters updates and a guided tour in the SKALY app.

But of course we didn't stop there.

While we keep developing we also have updated our second layer protocol Freighter. The private channels of Freighter have received an update to avoid channels being opened multiple times. This will optimizes performance and allows channel owners to see the channels without having to store them after being called to.

And as already mentioned in our introduction, we also have some unexpected surprises coming our way in the form of OMG PSIG RFP. We definitely didn't see this coming and we are very happy with the developments. The blog-post regarding our second-layer protocol added to the RFP can be found here.

We thank Mike Bennett for recognizing Freighter and the pleasant discussions we had with his team. This is just the beginning for Freighter and SKALY when it comes to driving (health) data to the decentralized platform using the IOTA Foundation’s Tangle.

For the developers, the source code of the dashboard has been released on GitHub!

So what's in store for the rest of the journey?

First we are going to test the complete platform using wearable health data and mock data(medical files). This is already set in motion and we expect around end Q1 to have first results. Also we have planned an call next week with TNO about the OMG PSIG regarding Freighter.

This can take a flight if everything goes well and that also means we stay on top of it with standards coordinator Mike Bennett. At the start of our consortium we have seen a lot of interest from various medical fields and in particular pharmacies.

This could get interesting very soon, but we all have to wait how it goes. There is also another development ongoing as we speak but you have to wait for it. And if you are a medical professional/ organization and/or like to join our SKALY team we invite you to reach out.

We hope to inspire you all with our developed tools and if you have any questions regarding Freighter/SKALY/eHealth or anything in between don't hesitate to get in contact with us on or join our Discord server.




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